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The sun’s energy is used to generate power with solar gadgets installed on roofs. It converts the sun’s rays into electric power by absorbing them. Using that electricity, family home equipment is charged.

The sun is a source of strength, so it is readily available. Each panel, however, differs in terms of its components, maintenance, and installation costs. All these factors determine the total cost of a solar panel in Lucknow.

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1kW Solar Panel Average Price In Lucknow

According to its model and type, a 1kW solar panel costs between Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 44,000. 

Although you can store money after a one-time investment, the cost of solar panels in Lucknow differs. 

The cost of a solar panel in Lucknow can range from Rs. 32,000 to Rs. 44,000 (or more), depending on the model. 

Price of Mono crystalline Solar Panels In Lucknow

A mono crystalline solar panel is composed of unmarried crystalline cells. In their manufacture, pure silicon cells are used. As a result, those solar panels are more expensive than the average solar panel price in India. 

Here is a watt-based monocrystalline solar panel fee list. 

Solar Panel Model Expected Price Per Watt
50 Watt Solar Panel Rs.38
100 Watt Solar Panel Rs.37
150 Watt Solar Panel Rs.36
200 Watt Solar Panel Rs.35
250 Watt Solar Panel Rs.34
300 Watt Solar Panel Rs.33
350 Watt Solar Panel Rs.33
370 Watt Solar Panel Rs.32
440 Watt Solar Panel Rs.32
450 Watt Solar Panel Rs.31
480 Watt Solar Panel Rs.31
500 Watt Solar Panel Rs.30
530 Watt Solar Panel Rs.30
550 Watt Solar Panel Rs.30

A comparison of the average price of bifacial solar panel price in Lucknow

Monocrystalline solar cells are used in bifacial sun panels. Solar rays can be extracted from both front and rear surfaces. 

The bifacial solar fee per watt depends on the brand, capacity, and type. It is expected that the average cost per watt will be Rs. 22. 

In India, the rate of solar panels can increase if the energy fluctuates. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact the producer to determine the exact fee for their preferred version.

The price of an average polycrystalline solar panel

Shards of glass are present in the composition of polycrystalline solar panels. Because of this, they are less efficient than the solar panels mentioned above. In addition, they are cheaper than relaxation. 

Below is a table indicating each panel’s approximate polycrystalline solar power rate. 

Polycrystalline Solar Panels (Expected Price Range)
₹250 – ₹300 (Rs. 19,769 – Rs. 23,723)₹450 – ₹595 (Rs. 35,585 – Rs. 47,051)₹760 – ₹880 (Rs. 66,099 – Rs. 69,588)

Solar Panel Cost Factors 

Several factors are considered when calculating the price of a solar panel. Undoubtedly, the kind of fabric and the manufacturing era affect the rate of solar panels in India. 

However, it does not apply only to version types. Additional factors that substantially influence the overall rate of solar panels in India include the following.

  • Roof Type: Markets offer a variety of roofing materials. In India, the cost of a solar panel can vary depending on the type of roof or the fabric. Unique roofing materials may earn a producer a higher rating. 
  • Roof Age: The solar consultant recommends making the necessary repairs to a vintage roof if it needs them. While this will increase your installation cost, it will keep your sun gadget in top condition for a long time.  
  • Cost Of License: There are different regulations for installing solar panels in different regions. Solar panel installation might cost less in one region and more in another. 
  • Tax incentives: In certain areas, taxes may be charged for installation. India’s solar panel market may boom as a result of this.  
  • Brand: The type of logo can also affect the price. A solar panel from a reputable brand will be more expensive than others. 
  • Market Value: If a particular model is in demand, the price of solar panels in India may increase.


As mentioned above, the cost of solar panels in India is determined by many factors. 

Remember that the more efficient a solar panel is, the cheaper it might be. To make the right funding decision, choose a panel wisely. 

PS: The costs of solar panels are always different. They keep changing. As a result, solar system costs are also constantly changing. Verify the pricing with your EPC sun installation company.


Q1. In India, how much does a 2kW solar panel cost?

A 2kW sun machine will cost Rs. 1,99,000. Variety will always differ from organization to organization and logo to logo.

Q2. Can a 10kW solar panel run a home?

It is more than sufficient to run a residence with four members on a 10kW solar device. An Indian family can even run on a 3KW solar device. 

However, the performance of a low-cost sun panel is not the same as that of a notable sun panel. 

Solar panels are subject to loads regardless of their type of material and manufacturing process. 

Q3. Is it possible to reduce the value of the solar panel?

There is no way to reduce the cost of solar panels in India. You can, however, purchase a solar system within your budget. 

If your solar installation company offers EMI financing, you may also take advantage of it.  

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